School Lunches
All Natural & Organic
Hand- Crafted
Locally Sourced
Fresh & HealthY

TotPot is an artisanal "kids' kitchen" dedicated to creating and cooking home-style meals exclusively for children. We offer you a hassle-free solution to feeding your kids healthy and delicious food – without having to plan, shop, cook or worry about anything else. Our nutritious and well-balanced meals take the guesswork out of what is best for your child's dietary needs. With professional chefs and a nutritionist on staff, TotPot guarantees you total peace of mind: freshly-prepared food made from organic produce and free of any harmful additives and preservatives. And to make life easier, we deliver all our meals straight to your door!

Totpot's background and conception is deeply rooted in family. Our founder, a father to 3 grown-up kids and grandfather to 3 more tots, raised his children on the values of healthy and delicious homestyle eating, a tradition that has been passed down for generations. The importance of instilling healthy eating habits and educating our children from the beginning cannot be stressed enough when it comes to ensuring our kids grow up healthy and happy. We believe this will always start at home!

That being said, the role of schools in our children's lives is undeniable. Much of their formative years are spent in school amongst their teachers and peers. So what better place to educate and influence our kids outside of home than at school where they are forming lifelong habits informed by our educators and reinforced by their peer little ones.

Our mission is first and foremost, to teach kids how to "eat healthy from the beginning" by offering them delicious food, crafted by our own chefs and approved by certified nutritionists. We use only sustainable, locally sourced organic and natural produce to ensure the freshest of tastes. Our meals are well-balanced, nutritionally proportioned and of the highest quality.

Our company takes child nutrition to a whole new level. We take a scientific professional approach to feeding kids while at the same time provide meals, which are not only properly balanced but are also made daily with the freshest possible products of local organic farms and suppliers. We cook fresh meals for this precious little ones daily and make sure they receive all the necessary nutrients for proper development. We create early childhood eating habits and taste development that will last as a food culture throughout our little clients' lives.


Catering Style Lunch Program
Individual Lunch Program
At Totpot we believe the dining experience is one that is not only enriched when in a communal format but also presents the perfect environment to influence our Tots and instill them with healthy and delicious eating habits. The 'Catering Style Lunch Program' embodies and brings to life this philosophy.

Parents order their children's meals on our easy-to-use online platform​ and lunches are delivered 'catering style' in trays to their school, TotPot provides daily lunch lists to the school with the names of the children who are participating in the program and those students are served out by school staff.

To order, parents simply register and create an account for their child at ​w​ Each of our schools has its own designated ordering page, with a clickable menu, and parents can order daily, or weekly from the available calendar dates - up to 4 weeks ahead of time.

Although we encourage schools and parents to take the leap and enlist in our catering style lunch program we understand this is not an easy transition especially if they have no previous experience with a lunch program. For that reason we offer our 'Individual Lunch Program'.

Parents order their children's meals on our easy-to-use online platform​ and individually packed lunches which are delivered to the children's school in thermal-lined bags and labeled with the child's name/class/grade.

The individual lunch menu also expands on the catering style menu with an 'A La Carte' options available daily as well as add-ons such as fresh OJ, snacks, & desserts for an additional cost.

The individual lunch program presents a great opportunity for schools & parents to test out the waters and begin the process of integrating a lunch program into their school's repertoire.

Family Dinners Program
At Totpot we aspire to go beyond just providing your children with healthy hot lunches at school - we strive to help enrich students and families' lives both in and out of school. We realize so many parents work full-time, there are just not enough hours in a day sometime. At the end of their work day there is nothing more valuable than spending that time with their kids without having to shop, plan, make dinner and clean up.

This is why we have introduced our 'Family Dinner Program'. Simply order your dinner by noon the day of and we will deliver your meal with instruction on re-heating and it will be waiting for you to pick up when you pick up your children.



Grilled Chicken Tenders w/ Seasonal Veggies, Side of Brown Rice

Tofu Tenders w/ Seasonal Veggies, Side of Brown Rice

Chicken Chow Mein w/ Whole wheat Udon Noodles & Veggies

Veggie Chow Mein w/ Whole wheat Udon Noodles & Veggies

Mediterranean Beef Stew w/ Potatoes and Spinach Puree

Mediterranean Veggie Stew w/ Potatoes and Spinach Puree

Beef/Chicken Chili w/ Tomato Sauce, and Veggies, & Corn Bread

Veggie Chili w/ Tomato Sauce Veggies, Beans & Corn Bread

Meat Lasagna w/ Fresh Seasonal Veggies w/ Yogurt Dip

Vegetable Lasagna Fresh Seasonal Veggies w/ Yogurt Dip

Hearty Chicken Veggie Soup w/ Multi-grain roll, & Salad

Veggie & Tofu Soup w/ Multi-grain roll & Salad

Broccoli and Beef/Chicken Stir Fry

Seasonal Veggie Stir Fry

Mussaka (Greek Style Gratin) w/ Potatoes and Meat & Green Salad

Vegetable Mussaka & Salad

Chicken Burrito Rice, Beans and Cheese & Salad

Veggie Burrito Rice, Beans and Cheese & Salad

Spaghetti Turkey Meatballs Seasonal Veggies w/ Yogurt Dip

Spaghetti w Seasonal Veggie Meatballs

Mac and Cheese w/ Butternut squash Béchamel sauce Seasonal Veggies w/ Yogurt Dip

Mac and Cheese Seasonal Veggies w. Yogurt Dip

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Sticky Rice & Salad

Teriyaki Tofu w/ Rice & Salad

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Creamy Broccoli Alfredo

Cheese Quesadillas Rice and Beans & Salad

Cheese Quesadillas Rice and Beans & Salad

Turkey Bolognese w/ Seasonal Veggies

Pasta Primavera Spaghetti w/ Seasonal Veggies

Meat Loaf w/ Seasonal Veggies and Yellow Lentil

Tofu Loaf w Seasonal Veggies & Yellow Lentil

California Roll Fresh Veggies w/ Soy Wraps

California Roll/ Fresh Veggies w/ Soy Wraps

Creamy Chicken Meatballs Soup w. Blended Veggies & Multi-grain Roll

Creamy Potato Veggie Soup & Multi-grain Roll

Beef Fajitas with Roasted Veggies

Veggie Fajitas

Grilled Chicken Tenders w/ Seasonal Veggies, Side of Brown Rice

Tofu Tenders w/ Seasonal Veggies, Side of Brown Rice


Penne Pink Sauce & Chicken
Buttered Macaroni w/ Veggies
Crispy Chicken Tenders
Mini Chicken Burgers
Nut Free PB&J